Hunter-Gatherer Summer – Ages 8-13

Of the four most fundamental living skills of the hunter-gatherer, which includes shelter, water, and fire, Summer provides the greatest opportunities and breadth of learning about FOOD. Over four weeks, young individuals will experience a hands-on immersion into local flora and fauna, from fish and frogs to dandelion and cattail, which have provided for the food needs of humans for nearly 200,000 years on this planet. Every class will include hands-on learning and harvesting of local edible plants, fishing, catching, or gathering of small animal foods, and outdoor cooking.
Two 4 week sessions
Session 1: July 2- July 23
Session 2: July 30- Aug 20
Thursdays from 10am-2pm

Holistic Land Management

Charm City Farms built Baltimore’s first public Food Forest at Clifton Park and specializes in Permaculture design for the Home Owner, Community space including Schools, Congregations and Neighborhoods, as well as Business and Non-Profit landscapes. Contact us to find out more about how we can help transform your property.

Wild Plants for Food & Medicine

Charm City Farms has a passion for sharing the knowledge of our ancestors who participated in a deep way with wild land to provide for the food needs of people. Plant ID Walks, Cooking Demonstrations, a monthly Wild Tea Party, and a weekly Forage Report are opportunities to become more connected to the natural world and the wild as it still lives, and to learn how to incorporate this knowledge into your every day life. Our Wild Edibles Schedule is posted on the Side Menu and Contact Us if you prefer a private consultation for your private property.

Woodscraft Workshops

The woods calls for many more skills than food making! Charm City Farms Woodscraft Workshops are hands-on programs designed to engage the participant in a more intimate experience with the natural world. Come join us in the newly built Clifton Park Food Forest for a unique community learning experience and discover some of the technical ways in which primitive peoples employ materials in the natural world to meet the many needs of living.  Check out our offerings in the Side Menu.


Charm City Farms is the proud host of Foragers of Baltimore and Baltimore Bushcraft and Primitive Skills

Baltimore's First Food Forest

Why Create a Food Forest?

Private Consultation
Schedule a Permaculture Designer
Schedule a Forage Teacher

Now Enrolling - Spring 2015
Food Cultivation
Grafting Workshop - April 19th
Permaculture Design Certification Course
Southern MD - Bryan Road
Baltimore - Owings Mills

Wild Edibles Workshops
Forage Report
Forage Plant ID Workshops
Wild Edibles Cooking Demonstrations
Wild Tea Party

Woodscraft Workshops
Friction Fire I - Bow Drill
Friction Fire II - Hand Drill
Tracking 101
Working With Bone
Utility Plant Walk
Cordage from Plant Fiber
Fresh Materials Vine Basket
Mugwort: Craft, Medicine, Food, Smoke
Cooking+Poison: Milkweed,Pokeweed,
and Bamboo

Homeskills Workshops
Herb, Fruit and Flower Wines
Fathers Day Ale Making
Cheese Making Class Round One
Cheese Making Class Round Two
Bread Making
Soap Making
Personal Care Products
Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies
Salves, Syrups and Tinctures
Canning Demystified
Knife Sharpening 101

Walking Programs
Therapeutic Nature Walks for Diabetic Support

Youth Programming
Hunter-Gatherer Summer
HomeSchool Lab
Teens - Spring Workshops

Recommended Books and Supplies
Mangy's Library
The Woodsman's Kit
These programs are for educational purposes.
Ingest any plant at your own risk.
Consult your doctor about how certain plants may react with medications.

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