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Listen to Eric and Victoria on the Permaculture Podcast in an interview by Scott Mann on Urban Permaculture in Baltimore. Podcast Episode 1530, July 2015.


November Workshops and Classes

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Sunday, Nov 1st    (10am- 4pm)                 Acorn Processing
Saturday, Nov 7th    (12pm- 2pm)               Edible, Medicinal, & Useful Plant Walk
Sunday, Nov 8th    (12pm- 3pm)                 Soap Making: Goat’s Milk, Oatmeal, & Honey
Sunday, Nov 15th    (1pm- 5pm)                 Friction Fire & Fire Preparation
Sunday, Nov 22th    (1oam- 4pm)               Deer Processing
Sunday, Nov 29th    (10am- 4pm)               Dandelion & Chicory Coffee
**Every Wednesday – The Forage Report**

Holistic Land Management

Charm City Farms built Baltimore’s first public Food Forest at Clifton Park and specializes in Permaculture design for the Home Owner, Community space including Schools, Congregations and Neighborhoods, as well as Business and Non-Profit landscapes. Contact us to find out more about how we can help transform your property.

Wild Plants for Food & Medicine

Charm City Farms has a passion for sharing the knowledge of our ancestors who participated in a deep way with wild land to provide for the food needs of people. Plant ID Walks, Cooking Demonstrations, a monthly Wild Tea Party, and a weekly Forage Report are opportunities to become more connected to the natural world and the wild as it still lives, and to learn how to incorporate this knowledge into your every day life. Our Wild Edibles Schedule is posted on the Side Menu and Contact Us if you prefer a private consultation for your private property.

Woodscraft Workshops

The woods calls for many more skills than food making! Charm City Farms Woodscraft Workshops are hands-on programs designed to engage the participant in a more intimate experience with the natural world. Come join us in the newly built Clifton Park Food Forest for a unique community learning experience and discover some of the technical ways in which primitive peoples employ materials in the natural world to meet the many needs of living.


Charm City Farms is the proud host of Foragers of Baltimore and Baltimore Bushcraft and Primitive Skills


Baltimore's First Food Forest

Food Forest Journal Blog
Why Create a Food Forest?

Courses Now Enrolling - Winter 2015 & Spring 2016
Wild Ones Nature Exploration: Ages 8- 13
Permaculture Design Certification Course
The Forager’s Apprentice- Spring 2016

Coming Up!
Dec 5- Bone Craft
Dec 6- Poke Tattoo
Dec 12- Cordage from Plant Fiber & Natural Adhesives
Dec 13- Gourd Bowls & Bottles
Jan 10- 17- Buckskin Hide Tanning

Forage Report
Edible & Medicinal Plant Walks
The Wild Tea Party

Private Consultation
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Recommended Books and Supplies
Mangy's Library
The Woodsman's Kit
These programs are for educational purposes.
Ingest any plant at your own risk.
Consult your doctor about how certain plants may react with medications.

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