Charm City Farms (CCF) is a local farming initiative working to convert dormant spaces within Baltimore City into functional gardens. By using these plots of land, CCF wishes to help Baltimore residents produce their own food and provide local produce for distribution to local markets. Long term investment in these plots will eventually generate various job opportunities and have a lasting impact on the air quality and health initiatives within the communities.

We believe that every zip code has more then enough available real estate to feed the community inside that zip code. Our goal is to assist in driving communities to do so. We would like to help you use church property, schools, apartment complexes, senior centers, vacant lots, front and back yards as farmable areas.

We believe strongly in:

  • Growing Local Food
  • Better Health
  • Cultivating Strong Communities
  • Lowering Carbon Footprints
  • Improving Better Economy & Local Jobs
  • Rekindling Earth Stewardship
  • Nature Education and Interpretation

About CCF

Founding Farmer Eric Kelly is:

Eric Kelly’s experience and credentials