Beginner Beekeeping Course

This course is designed with the beginning beekeeper in mind. Topics covered will include honey bee biology, natural & human threats, disease & pest management, management of honey bee colonies and the respective tools & equipment necessary for beekeeping. After this course a person should have the understanding and confidence needed to begin their own honey bee colony(s) at home, school, church and/or farm. What you will need: pencil/pen, notebook, smiles

Week One: History of bees. The esoteric approach (no suit, no gloves), origins of bees, bees and land, bees and mammals, natures hypodermic needle, Why keep bees? What’s in it for you? What’s in it for Mother Nature? Sustainable products and what to do with them

Week Two: Basics of natural beekeeping, vocabulary, bees and your neighbor (a relationship that requires maintenance) laws of the land and types of woodenware

Week Three: Basics continued, sourcing bees, types of bees, where do bees come from? Seasonal care and maintenance, step into the apiary, vocab review

Week Four: Seasonal care continued, four east coast climates, your region dictates your care, genetics determine specialized and individualized care, recap

Dates: March 23 & 30 April 6 & 13 from 6-9 pm     Cost: $70     Location: Charm City Farms     Instructor: Josh Calo

**Notice of cancellation must be given 48-hrs in advance of any of our workshops or events in order to request a refund or credit.**


About the Instructor

Josh Calo is MHIC licensed, MDA registered and has been working with honey bees since 2012, mentored with commercial beekeepers from 2013. Currently his apiaries are chemical treatment free 4 years strong.  Josh manages 75 colonies of honey bees in a wide array of hive styles (many of which he has handcrafted using 100% reclaimed materials) to include but not limited to Langstroth, Perone, Topbar, etal and has extensive experience in IPM swarm management/collection to include feral colony extractions throughout Baltimore city/county Washington D.C. NoVa & Maryland. Josh is working with CHAPS to develop apiculture therapy work programs as a rehabilitation vehicle for P.T.S.D. Josh is uniquely positioned to offer educational insight for new and seasoned beekeepers due to the wide array of experiences he has shared with the commercial, urban and backyard beekeeping communities alike. Over the last two years Josh has begun sharing his production offerings and knowledge through various workshops and community outreach programs with the likes of Chesapeake’s Bounty, The Good Earth, Community Forklift and Mom’s Organic Market.


About The Location

11202884_1171708842844092_5564428178100094995_nThe “Brick Barn” is a brick garage turned classroom space on Charm City Farms’ farm space, a triple vacant, city-owned lot in the Johnston Square area of Baltimore. The Brick Barn serves as a classroom space for Permaculture Design Certificate courses, workshops, and a community gathering space, with future plans to include produce processing and to serve as a local goods trading post.

The address to the barn is 1310 Hillman St, Baltimore, MD 21202, directly across from Green Mount Cemetery.

Please park on Hoffman Street, parallel to the cemetery wall and walk up the hill to the barn.