Canning Demystified

An Introduction to Water Bath & Pressure Canning

Been intimidated by home canning? Canning is a fun, creative, and delicious way to “put up” the harvest and preserve the flavors of every season. And with some basic understandings, canning is both safe and reliable. 

Topics covered will include “what to can and what not to can,” “what is botulism?”, “what the heck is head space?”, and “will I die in a kitchen explosion?”, as well as how to make homemade relishes, jams, soups, beans, stock and bone broth, delicious sauces and more to can in your own home. Come with all your questions and ideas and leave ready to stock your pantry with local, BPA free food and sauces. This class includes all supplies and produce, and tomatored-925053_1280 sandwiches and refreshments to snack on.

**This workshop is limited to 12 participants.

Date: September 3, 1- 6pm        Cost: $60

Location: Sweet Reasons Farm, 21030      Instructor: Kelly Carey

**Notice of cancellation must be given 48-hrs in advance of any of our workshops or events in order to request a refund. Cancellations are subject to a $5 restocking fee. **

About the Location:

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Sweet Reasons Farm is a 1/2 acre residential home in Cockeysville, MD, where urban homesteader and do-it-from-scratch aficionado Kelly Carey raises American Blue meat rabbits and domestic quail. Kelly sells her rabbit and quail meat, live breeder rabbits, famous pickled quail eggs, quail wings, and natural rabbit ear dog treats. Kelly also makes her own cheeses from Pennsylvania Amish milk, bakes her household’s bread, does her own canning, makes her own soap, natural cleaning products, and herbal medicines, and keeps a small vegetable garden.
She’s also not afraid to pull her son out of school for a day to help her do important things like build pallet fences.