Folks at Charm City Farms


Founder, Mangy White Bushman

IMG_90222Eric Kelly, known locally as the “Mangy White Bushman,” is a lifelong, avid naturalist and outdoorsman. He began cultivating a small, 3 acre farm in 2008, and after recovering from a vehicle accident packed up several field guides and gear and attempted his first through hike of the Appalachian Trail with his dog Fritz. While on the trail Mangy chose his next directions in life. Upon his return to Baltimore, he became the founder of Charm City Farms, LLC, an initiative within Baltimore to turn unused urban spaces and vacant lots into productive, food-bearing gardens which both serve and engage the local communities while bridging food gaps. Mangy is also the founder of Foragers of Baltimore, and Baltimore Bushcraft and Primitive Skills, through which he regularly teaches a variety of local workshops and classes on topics such as wild food foraging, plant uses, holistic orchardry, SPIN farming, composting, worm farming, grafting, beekeeping, mycology, bushcraft & primitive skills, bow making, deer hide tanning, and permaculture.

Mangy is a certified Permaculture designer and Permaculture Design Course instructor, and offers permaculture consultation and design, as well as in-depth Permaculture certification courses in the Baltimore and DC areas. He is often assisted by his young son Everett James Kelly aka Bullfrog. Mangy has also worked with education and outreach with Maryland University’s Department for Sustainable Agriculture, Maryland University of Integrative Health, the Baltimore Orchard Project, Dulaney High School, KIPP Baltimore, and Cromwell Valley Park. He has taught and spoken at the Future Harvest Conference and the Chesapeake Herb Gathering on foraging, orchardry, food, and Permaculture, and is regularly involved with local farms and organizations.


Instructor, Victoria Greba

Copy of D72_07922Ever a lover of forest, field, and stream, Victoria began her academic study of plants with Ethnobotany and Herbal Medicine at the Evergreen State College in the Pacific Northwest. Concurrent with her greater studies in esoterica, Victoria then spent many years seeking out and learning from many teachers, schools, and traditions across the US in the categories of healing arts and spiritual development. She has trained in the energy healing lineage of Barbara Brennan, Usui Reiki, and Cranio-sacral Unwinding, among others, with her most extensive focus in the field of Integrative Breathwork at the Inspiration Consciousness School in Owings Mills, MD.

Heavily influenced by Permaculture and indigenous living skills, Victoria today blends her devotion to “all things wild and free” (in the words of Aldo Leopold), with an intention to know spirit in all form. Ever expanding her study of wild edible plants, which some refer to as encyclopedic, Victoria is also a wine-maker, wildcrafter of medicinal herbs, brain-tanner, tattooer, and endless craft tinkerer of such forms as basketry and bone tools.

Victoria loves introducing others to plants in all forms, and to the freedom that simple skills of living by the land can engender in a mind and heart willing for a wilder shore.


Guest Instructors:

Charlie DorseyCharlie Dorsey




tumblr_inline_n02ph5XyGO1s0me17Olivia Fite

Western Herbalism, Medicine Making

O Herbals Apothecary

DanielDaniel Kemp

Mycology, Wild Edible Mushrooms, Medicinal Mushrooms

ellen photoEllen Paul


Lincoln SmithDSC_0195

Acorn Processing



Jared Urchek (1)Jared Urchek

Mycology, Medicinal Mushrooms, Mushroom Cultivation

Vital Traditions






Charm City Farms (CCF) began as a local farming initiative working to convert dormant spaces within Baltimore City into functional gardens. By using these plots of land, CCF wishes to help Baltimore residents produce their own food and provide local produce for distribution to local markets. Long term investment in these plots will eventually generate various job opportunities and have a lasting impact on the air quality and health initiatives within the communities.  We believe that every zip code has more then enough available real estate to feed the community inside that zip code. Our goal is to assist in driving communities to do so. We would like to help you use church property, schools, apartment complexes, senior centers, vacant lots, front and back yards as farmable areas.

Clifton Park Food Forest Volunteers
Clifton Park Food Forest
Design and Lead Implementation: Charm City Farms

We believe strongly in:
• Growing Local Food
• Better Health
• Cultivating Strong Communities
• Lowering Carbon Footprints
• Improving Better Economy & Local Jobs
• Rekindling Earth Stewardship
• Nature Education and Interpretation