Fundraiser for Water Catchment System at Johnston Square

You can help us supply rainwater to the Johnston Square Farm and classroom!


How it works:

Installing a water catchment system would provide potable water for our kitchen and bathroom while also providing an irrigation system for the farm. Utilizing this roof-rainwater by catching it in barrels would also provide relief to Baltimore’s already exhausted storm water system.

Our barrels would collect at least 500 gallons of water per one inch of rainfall. The state of Maryland gets about 40 inches of rain a year. That’s 20,000 gallons of incredible unharnessed water power! To put this in perspective, the average dishwasher uses 4 gallons of water per wash, the average toilet uses 2-3 gallons per flush, and in total our home usage would be around 300 gallons per month. We also have 3/4 acres of growing land which would use both the recycled gray water (originally collected in the catch water system) and our tank water for irrigation. Below, you’ll find a diagram of the system itself.

How you can help:

Maryland’s peak rainfall is in July and August. We would love to have this thing up and running well before then to catch this lovely Spring water as well. We are going to need $2,100 dollars for material and labor to put it up! We’ve set up several Paypal options which you’ll find below!

All we need is 84 people to donate $25 dollars each and we’ll be catching water out of the sky in no time! We’ve also created an Amazon Wishlist, if you’d like to pick just how your money can help! What do you think? Do you have $25 for a stellar cause?

Why don’t we use Kickstarter or other fundraising platforms?

We are fundraising through our website and not through Kickstarter or GoFundMe because we need every penny our donors can supply, and those organizations keep a percentage of the money collected for themselves. Also, by using our own website, we will be able to start gathering parts of this operation as the money becomes available rather than waiting to reach our goal.

Donation Options