Mission to Flint


Charm City Farms will be teaching the residents of Flint, Michigan how to easily construct Bio Water Filtration systems with inexpensive materials to get clean drinking water from rainfall this March 17 -20th.

Donate NOW to help the well-being of the children, families and long time residents of Flint, Michigan so they can get access to toxin-free water that is from a healthy source.

This class will offer an endless resource of clean water through education and outreach.

This is a volunteer opportunity in Flint, MI to teach a workshop on bio water filters constructed from buckets, gravel, activated charcoal, and sand. This will provide leaders of the community the knowledge to collect rainwater for drinking, and then take the skill back to their neighbors, teaching them as well.

The costs included in our donation goal are the materials for each community member attending the workshop to take home their own rainwater system for clean drinking water as well as food and travel for the four organizers leading the workshop. We will spend two days traveling, one doing research and making contacts in person with the community, and on Sunday host the workshop.

Team members will work with Flint residents to organize the workshop details, gather materials from local businesses, and educate community members on how to get clean drinking water from the rain instead of through the municipal system currently impacting the health of the Flint community.

Leaders of the community will learn how to safely burn wood, and turn it into activated charcoal. Sand and gravel will be donated, which is layered with the charcoal to remove harmful pathogens. The lead content in the water after the bio filtering process will be tested to ensure it is safe to drink. We will construct the buckets and send everyone home with a resource for clean water.

Flint Water Crisis Fast Facts