Our vision and goal is to provide education, support, and creative thinking, as well as a model by our own lives, to aid communities in transitioning towards a no-fossil-fuel future economy and society. Towards this vision the areas of focus of our education, projects and endeavors are as follows:

1.  In giving people through education the tools to create many of the products needed for living from the local environment, including,

a. Food (see #3), including food preservation & storage

b. Common material necessities, such as medicine, antiseptics, cleaning agents, toiletries & hygienics, furniture, cookware, clothing, basketry & other vessels, tools, inks & dyes, and more.

c. Housing & other shelters

d. Raw materials such as fiber and timber

e. Maintenance and repair know-how, such as for home, tools, auto, etc.

2.  By providing people with opportunities to learn what is often called primitive technologies or skill-sets, for the value to which learning these skills can rekindle an individual’s connection to the planet and intimate appreciation for natural materials, as well as for the value to which these skills benefit human self-esteem, confidence, and emotional and psychological well-being. All of this for the sake of fostering communities which are dynamic and adaptable to rapid change, and capable of wise and holistic decision making.

3.  By providing tools, knowledge, creative thinking, organization, and manpower to transition urban and semi-urban landscapes towards a regenerative and resilient state which naturally supports diverse and thriving ecosystems, including habitat for countless species and the health and quality of the soil, water, and air, while providing for the food, material, and medicinal needs of human communities as we move away from unsustainable practices of industrialised farming and manufacturing. This transition, as we now understand it, to involve the tending of “food forest” type landscapes, and the transformation of previously maintained or unmaintained vacant spaces into complete, holistic systems involving small meat and dairy animal raising, regenerative food growing methods, and effective water and waste management.

4.  To nurture in kind leadership, pioneering, and education within the region, and to cultivate connections within and among local, truly sustainable and regenerative home-grown enterprises.

5.  To work ever towards the understanding of and the inhabiting in the deeper questions, callings, purposes, movements, and mysteries of life, the earth, and the infinite.

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