Movie Nights & Socials

squirrel-and-birdComing Up…

Movie Social April 16th 6 pm – 8 pm -ish

We will be showing “Captain Fantastic



Hang Out Nights On The Farm

Every Thursday, starting April 6th we’ll be hanging out and doing various odd bits around the farm. Anyone is welcome to join to create their own project or join in something ongoing. Some mild shenanigans we might be getting into could include bow making, buckskins, compost flipping, insect frying, table making, motorcycle repair, kitten herding, knife making and many others.


About the Location

11202884_1171708842844092_5564428178100094995_nThe “Brick Barn” is a brick garage turned classroom space on Charm City Farms’ newest Permaculture farm space, a triple vacant, city-owned lot in the Johnston Square area of Baltimore. The Brick Barn serves as a classroom space for Permaculture Design Certificate courses, a workshop, and a community gathering space, with future plans to include produce processing and to serve as a local goods trading post.

The address to the barn is roughly 1310 Hillman St, Baltimore, MD 21202, directly across from Green Mount Cemetary.



Johnston Square Needful Things Box:  The Needful Things box in the Brick Barn is always accepting collections for those less fortunate that are struggling to supply their household with simple things like toilet paper, food, hygiene products, etc. This box is not limited to anything and you can add paper, pens, rulers, crayons, markers, combs, old cell phones, backpacks, books, etc. Let Eric know in advance if you have larger items or perishable items so he can plan accordingly. When full the box is taken to a local church or other place of distribution.

If anyone would like to help out in this initiative you are welcome to it. If you personally know of a family in need you are welcome to take items out of the box to them. If you yourself need items out of the box you are welcome to them. We just ask that you be respectful and this is not a “free” box.