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The Clifton Park Food Forest will be the first of its kind in Maryland. Permaculture designer Eric Kelly aka Mangy White Bushman joined forces with Civic Works and Baltimore Orchard Project’s efforts for food abundance in Baltimore. The multiple intentions for the Food Forest include: 1.) Creating a low-maintenance food producing system consisting mostly of perennial plants, 2.) Creating alternative food options from those dictated in a conventional agricultural system, 3.) Building a plant bank which can offer propagations and divisions of plants to other locales desiring to create such a system, 4.) To create a community space for recreation, and 5.) To create a niche market of “foraged” foods, the profit of which will go solely to further funding projects like this in more communities.

Upon our first visit to the area, it was overwhelmed with weeds, vines and invasive trees. PERFECT! We discussed the greatness of already-existing biomass, material and other untapped resources. Weeds are to become hugelkulturs, vines were used for jump rope and swings, and the invasive trees are to be inoculated with multiple species of mushrooms in addition to becoming support structures for vining plants, swings, look out towers, and benches. Eric intends to build all these structures using good old pioneer carpentry, no screws or nails. He might could use some help.

The Clifton Park Food Forest is an estimated five year project. Fruit and nut trees will need time to establish as well as support species and other perennial vegetables. The project could use financial and/or volunteer support. Please sign up for the mailing list if you have time to support this project or hit the donate button on the main page to help with funding. We greatly appreciate your support!

Directions to Clifton Park Food Forest