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Holistic Land Management DesignsDanielle Pilarinos

Would you like to grow more food on your property? Or plant fruit and nut trees without having to use pesticides? Or perhaps you’d like to find the best way to utilize your rainwater run-off, your household graywater, or even your sewage? Or raise small animals for meat and dairy? Appropriate systems can be designed for any space, regardless of size, to maximize yields, reduce or eliminate waste, and create more harmony within a home and landscape.

Contact us to schedule a consultation and to discuss what you would want most out of a design plan.

Private Instruction 

We offer one-on-one private instruction in wild plant identification, medicine making, or wild plant cooking. Fees vary depending on your location. A plant inventory of your property is also available.

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Plant Walks & Workshops for Your Group or Event


Are you interested in private instruction for your family, group, club, or special event? Many of our workshops and classes can be tailored to particular groups, skill levels, and interests.

We’ve provided plants walks & tours for such groups & organizations as: Families in Nature, Baltimore Slow Food, Baltimore Eco-Women, Baltimore Orchard Project, Skyhouse Yoga, and Cromwell Valley Park.

Contact us to tell us your ideas and to inquire about a date.


Schedule a Speaker11295790_1064861696862141_6648322356859291627_n

Would you like to schedule a speaker at your school, church, conference, or organization? Or would you like to schedule a private tour for your group at the Clifton Park Food Forest?

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Plant Sourcing

Are you trying to locate a hard to find edible, medicinal, or utilitarian plant for your project, garden, food forest, farm, or homestead? We often have a rolling inventory of plant starts, seeds, rootstocks, and cuttings, and can also procure specific wild seeds and plants for cultivation. If we can’t find the plant you’re looking for, we probably know someone who can.

Examples of plants we’ve usually got our hands in:

Jersualem artichoke, comfrey, hopniss, sea kale, malabar spinach, stinging nettle, wood nettle, wild strawberry, native fruit trees & berry bushes, butternut, hardy orange, wild ginger, ostrich fern, solomon’s seal, Saponaria (soap plant), medicinal herbs, dye plants, calamus, honey locust, Kentucky coffee tree, black birch, autumn olive, edible wild yams (Dioscorea).