Charm City Farms & Baltimore Supports The Standing Rock Protectors


Standing Rock Run #3 

It is time to grind some gears for trip #3 to Standing Rock North Dakota!

There is a planning meeting on December 12th & 19th at 7pm at CCF Brick Barn

We’ve made two runs so far and hope to make many more! The first run included seventeen human passengers, one dog, one kitten, a dozen or so chickens, one duck and one rabbit and of course, we also took a bus load of donated supplies to the long term campers at Standing Rock.

On trip two we were twelve humans and two dogs. Three of the passengers decided to stay on the Rock to help as long as needed.

The bus will be loaded and ready for departure on the night of December 21st. We want to leave at 5 am on January 22nd. The plan is to be back in Baltimore on January 5th.

If you are interested in coming on the bus we ask that you are up to date and prepared for weather and civil conditions at Standing Rock. You will need to bring all your own cold weather camping gear and food for while you’re at camp. We can all work together to see who has what gear for cooking and comforts. After the planning meeting hopefully we’ll have someone who can coordinate all of that. We are asking for a $225 contribution to go towards fuel, tolls and other travel expenses.

To maximize our trip we are being more selective about packed donations we take for the protectors. We will to have a team assembled and tasked to take care of this. If you are a passenger coming on the bus and have donations to bring please contact us via email so we can coordinate with the appropriate team member.

You can email us at to reserve your spot on the bus or ask any questions.



After two runs and 6,000 miles we’ve shaken a lot of rust, bumps and mechanical issues off the bus. Despite preparations most mechanical issues have been addressed while on the road. The bus is feeling more and more solid with each run. For final inspection the bus, now name MAT (Mobile Activist Transporter) needs to have some lights removed, some electrical work, two front tires and a paint job to pass the state inspection. That in addition to some winter modifications is why we are running this GoFundMe. No matter what happens in Standing Rock North Dakota we want MAT to be ready for any ground work that needs to be quickly assembled and mobilized. There will always be a Standing Rock! We are also planning a trip to Flint Michigan this spring to build rain water catchment and filtration systems.

There is also a running Amazon wish list for MAT and driving crew of the bus.

**GoFundMe LINK**

Amazon Wish List for MAT


What the protectors need!

We are currently working on an up to date needs list directly from the camp. Please email us if you have something to donate and we can coordinate with the appropriate team member.

Please send prayers and/or best wishes to all those protectors directly involved and supporting this action. 

You can email us at to reserve your spot on the bus or ask any questions.