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Welcome to our Stories and Essays page. Here you will find writings that express some of the values, struggles, learning, adventures, and reflections Mangy and others have encountered in doing what we do, whether teaching, picking through fields and forests, camping and exploring, learning new skills, or honing old ones. Some of these experiences are entirely my own, many are born from our shared experiences, and a number of them articulate the perspectives which are common to both of us in our work and our approaches to teaching, and to life.

I hope that they may prove meaningful.




wildflowers-554122_1280 Ode to a Meadow

On places that disappear, the follies of the ecologist, the wild lands which return despite us, and the hearts which remember the ones that don’t.




A Fox

Reflections on skinning, tanning, and that place where carnage, devotion, work, and humor lose their distinctions.



Cannonball Run

For those who I informed and those I did not…