Summer Edible Mushroom Foray

This beginner’s workshop will introduce you to the basic and simple ways to identify, edible species of mushrooms that can be found in Maryland during the summer months. We will start off by learning the ‘rules’ and ethics of foraging for mushrooms, followed by how to use a field guide and verify your identifications.

We will focus on the identification characteristics of chanterelles, oyster mushrooms, chicken of the woods, and beefsteak polypore, as well as the type of environments that these mushroom prefer. We will then hit the woods to do some mushroom hunting.

Please be prepared for hiking off path including long pants and sturdy shoes or boots. You will also need water, a knife, a collecting basket of some sort, a notebook or camera, a way to keep track of time, and paper lunch bags to separate your finds.

The instructor recommends The National Audubon Society field Guide to North American Mushrooms as a valuable resource.

Caution: mushroom hunting may lead to a lot of time outdoors looking at the ground closely for apple sized treasures!

**This workshop is limited to 15 participants**

Workshop Date: June 16th, 12-3 pm          Cost: $35          Location: Kingsville, MD          Instructor: Samantha Feld

About the Instructor

Samantha Feld is the owner/operator of a small mushroom growing and foraging business in Baltimore called The Mushroomworks.

Her fascination with mycology began when her backyard sprouted a gorgeous garden of crazy and colorful mushrooms from the decaying roots of an old maple tree. Upon learning that they were a cousin of the powerfully medicinal Reishi, she immersed herself, and began researching as much as she could about the intense, complicated, and often misunderstood world of mycology. This led her back to the woods, reawakening a dormant, but deep love of the forest.

Sam is an avid forager and gardener, and is becoming increasingly interested in the medicinal properties of mushrooms and plants. She has taken numerous workshops focused primarily on mushroom identification, cultivation, and identification and uses of wild and medicinal plants.

When not out in nature, she can be found at the Hampden Farmer’s Market or teaching art in Baltimore City Schools.