On this page you can find some kind words from our program participants.


This was the absolute best. Big ups to Kelly for her boundless patience, incredible expertise, and sense of humor. Everyone was absolutely lovely and so fun to work with. Can’t wait for the next one!
-Elle, Cheese Making: Feta & Mozzarella 2016


No matter how many walks I go on, there is always something new to learn.  No matter how many notes I have taken in past walks, there is always some new tidbit of information I missed before. The Japanese Knot Weed was so exciting to see and pick.  Mostly, I have learned to respect plants and feel guilty picking even just one to look at.  Any roots pulled by mistake are planted as soon as I get home.  Thanks, again, Victoria, for another lovely afternoon.
-Carol, Plant Walk March 2016


Hi Victoria!
This was our third plant walk with you and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We have learned so much each time. We came home and dug dandelion roots to make tea because I need help with my digestion. I can’t believe people try to kill dandelion when they are so healthy!
Hope to see you again on the next walk.
-Frank and Sandy, Edible Medicinal & Useful Plant Walk Dec 2015


This was a great course; it was hands on and I learned a lot and I also had a lot of fun! I highly recommend it.
Sarah B, Autumn Wines & Apple Cider Vinegar workshop 2015

The Mugwort class was well worth my long drive to come learn and enjoy. Victoria is wonderful. And I look forward to more interactions.  She is knowledgeable and enjoyably expressive, so learning from her was easy, worthwhile and fun.  I also appreciate the hands-on training and getting to take some goodies home.  Thank you Victoria and thank you Charm City Farms.
Steve, Mugwort: Craft, Medicine, Food, Smoke Workshop 2015

I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Excellent woodland walk. Excellent knowledge base shown by both Victoria and Eric as far as natives’ medicinal, eatable, and toxic properties; important information that can be put to work by people of all walks of life right away. A salad of native day lilies’ foliage with trout (or toad?) lilies’ and the cucumber plant tuber as example…fantastic. The ability to complement my landscape knowledge is very welcome, and I just keep right on learning. The plant list is invaluable, great follow up to the walk. Thank you both.
-Rae Ann, May 2015 Plant Walk

Victoria and Eric are great teachers. The range and variety of material and information they are able to share is fantastic. Even for plants I can already identify, I learn something new about them; whether it is a new use, beneficial properties, or methods of finding them.
The most recent walk I went on led by Victoria. The group had diverse skill levels, but she did a wonderful job balancing the information so that everyone got something out of it. Her way of teaching shows a deep appreciation and respect of wild plants. Her enthusiasm for plants is contagious and a delight to be around. I look forward to the next walk I can make. It was a blast!
-Colleen, April 2015 Plant ID Walk

At the beginning of the 2014/2015 school year, a friend mentioned the Primitive Skills and Nature Class offered through Charm City Farm, developed by Eric Kelly and Victoria Greba, and it piqued my interest — originally as a fun class for my family to attend, but after several PS&NC sessions, the class has become an integral part of our curriculum.
My children have learned way more than I ever expected!  From an academic perspective, they have learned about plant family properties and their latin family names; how to identify and have a taste of edible plants; the medicinal properties of some plants; basic tracking skills and animal track identification; how to weave a basket from vines; how to whittle a bullroarer and different notches; how to tie knots and when to use these knots; how to cook nutritious foods and hot beverages; journaling and record keeping of each week’s explorations; and much more. The amount of information and skills they have absorbed has exceeded my expectations.
The unexpected benefits of this class have been the growth of watching my children become more comfortable with the numerous parks in Baltimore County, and their appreciation and respect of the resources one may discover while exploring these beautiful parks.  Eric and Kelly make sure to explain the etiquette one should utilize while exploring in and harvesting from nature. My children have developed even more confidence and independence through this nature and skills class, and, I firmly believe character development is just as important as academic achievement.
I whole-heartedly recommend this program to any business or organization that wants to partner with an organization dedicated to the development of children and the protection of the environment or to parents seeking a challenging program for their child.
Kim Hess (Primitive Skills & Nature Studies Winter 2014-15)

Eric and Victoria’s primitive skills class has been the absolute highlight of our homeschool year. Both of my participating children grew in knowledge and confidence as a result of their participation.  They got to experience the natural world as their classroom and have shared their knowledge with our family as a whole. When reflecting upon her experience, my 11-year-old daughter told me that while she learned a lot about plants and herbal medicine, the most important thing to her was that she is not the same kid she was when she started. She feels more competent and confident.  I highly recommend this course.
-Lara Wrigley, Primitive Skills & Nature Studies Spring 2014 (Fall 2014-Spring 2015)

This was my 4th Foraging meet up with both Eric and Victoria.  I really enjoy the priceless teachings of their knowledge on wild edibles.  Their insight, tips, and recommendations prove very extensive and helpful.  They do an excellent job of fulfilling my curiosity on the many plants that I can step outside of my door and pick a fresh, organic, and tasty salad!  Great event that anyone remotely interested in wild edibles should try to attend at least one meet up.
Wendell N, Plant Walk March 2015

Thank you for a terrific class!  Sloshing through the wet grounds provided the excellent transition into spring, almost spring that is!  Your presentations were informative, engaging, and enjoyable.  From seeing the niches in which the plants grow, to digging through older leaves and ground covering, to tasting the range of  sweet-ish to bitter-ish, smooth to somewhat hairy, the experience was even better than I expected!  I look forward to joining you again in the coming weeks!
-Mindie, Plant Walk March 2015

Good Morning Eric and Victoria,  Yesterday’s walk was perfect!  I loved the whole thing.  The amazing number of plants and information you shared in that period of time and in that beautiful small habitat is such a reminder of the bounty all around us every day.   There for the seeing, and eating.  I also appreciated the recap e-mail of all the plants we had discussed – I took some notes, but this is a great tickler and helped me when I went to look up more info on some of the plants.    I’m really looking forward to the next two weeks with you both to explore the unfolding of Springtime!
-Pamela Avery, Plant Walk March 2015

Easy, informative, and fun.
-Marcin (Baltimore, MD)  ~Foragers of Baltimore

Thanks to Eric and Victoria for sharing your knowledge and experience. You guys are great!
-Gianina Dotterweich (Baltimore, MD) ~Foragers of Baltimore Plant ID Walk 2014

Victoria and Eric were fantastic! Learned a great deal. What fun!
-Nan (Baltimore, MD)  ~Foragers of Baltimore Plant ID Walk 2014

Hello Victoria, I participated in the walk at Cromwell Valley that you lead. You were fabulous. I learned so much and was inspired. Thank you and I look forward to another walk.
-MaryCay B. ~Foragers of Baltimore

Had a great time and learned a ton of information! Maybe at the cooking part we can find some “May apples” but it was great! What a wonderful way to spend a delightful Sunday evening! The wood sorrel will round out the bitter greens, perfect!
-Suzanne Jenkins (Baltimore, MD)  ~Pioneer Cooking Series Plant Walk 2014

This class was sooo cool! My dandelion wine is still cooking away! I keep an eye on it every few days. I am now making a strawberry vinegar and a strawberry wine because of the tips given in the class! My son is way hip for the strawberry vinegar for a salad dressing! It hasn’t formed the mother yet but any day now….
-Martha S. (Moon Valley Farm, MD) ~Dandelion Wine and Vinegar Making Workshop

Super informative. Learned so much on a walk in the park or rather on the edge of the park. Eating wild was fun and yummy especially the bounty of Chicken in the Wood that I made off with. Victoria is an encyclopedia of all things plant. Look forward to the next walk.
-Carole (Baltimore, MD)  ~Pioneer Cooking Series Plant Walk 2014

Victoria came to my home in Bethesda to teach me about what is growing in my wild garden. She was delightful: present, pleasant and extremely knowledgeable. Her teaching style is highly interactive and conducive to learning. As we explored together, the plants’ secrets were revealed: through not only sight and smell, but touch and even taste. It was a magnificent morning. Victoria has redefined my relationship with my garden!
-Jane (Bethesda, MD)