The Clifton Park Food Forest

Food Forest

The Clifton Park Food Forest is a 1/4 acre research forest garden within Clifton Park in Baltimore City.

Baltimore’s first public food forest garden, the Clifton Park Food Forest was designed and implemented by Permaculture designer Eric Kelly of Charm City Farms in Fall of 2014, in conjunction with Civic Works, and with support from Baltimore Orchard Project, as well as countless groups of volunteers. Nestled within a small patch of forest hidden within a golf course, the food forest occupies a small remaining parcel of what was likely once the formal garden of the still standing care-taker’s house of Clifton Park.

The Food Forest is currently tended by Charm City Farms and volunteers on a no-income basis. Once the forest garden matures into an established, productive model, it will be freely open to the community members of the Clifton Park area to harvest from for food and medicine. The Food Forest is also intended to serve as a model and seed bank to provide plant propagations to future like projects in the region.

The young food forest currently features a diverse array of fruit trees, berry bushes, edible perennial vines, perennial herbs and greens, perennial starch crops, and many other common and unconventional plants tended in a way to promote synergy and every increasing fertility, while producing food, medicine, material, seeds, and plant propagations for the community and for the creation of future forest gardens within Baltimore.


Directions to Clifton Park Food Forest