The Forager’s Apprentice – Spring 2017


The time has come, my friend, for us to take a journey into the forest, onto the meadow, into a holler, along the river’s edge, into the marsh, up in a tree and anywhere else that holds mystery. For whatever reason holds dear to you, you have developed a thirst to explore the “gather” of the Hunter-Gatherer. This journey will be long and sometimes difficult and we can only guide you part of the way. The rest you will have to do yourself. It will take a lifetime and will never be completed, but the rewards along the path will be rich and full of nourishment.

Most gardeners know a deep sensation when they pluck a vegetable or fruit from their garden and put it in their mouth. The sensation of something they produced, something you can find nowhere else. The freshness can’t be competed with. The nourishment of body, mind and spirit cannot be compared. Nowhere except in the body and soul of the forager. Imagine walking into virtually any local landscape and already having relationships with a majority of the plants in that area. Come now, let’s take that journey.

This course is setup for anyone interested in expanding their plant wisdom. Anyone such as a gardener, permaculture enthusiast, hunter, camper, prepper, herbal medicine practitioner, naturalist, craft person and anyone in between. Wanna see what fescues really look like?




Introduction to Botany & Plant Taxonomy
Keeping a Nature Journal
Sit Spot Exercises
Sensory Exercises
Identification & Harvesting of Wild Edible Plants
Tree Identification
Foraging Ethics
Processing of Wild Plants & Mushrooms for Food, Medicine & Material
Preservation of Plant Material for Food, Medicine & Material
Plants as Material: Fiber, Dye, Fire, Vessels, Tools
Fundamentals of Western Herbal Medicine
Understanding Ecosystems
Seasonal Observation for Harvest Inventory
Integrating Wild Plants into the Home Garden, Farm, or Food Forest
Making Simple Medicines
Introduction to Mushrooms & Mushroom Medicine
First Aid Using Plants

Also Featuring: Local guest practitioners and instructors.

Materials Required: Unlined Journal, Pen, Pencil, Knife and/or Scissors, Harvesting Vessels (cloth, mesh, or plastic bags, or basket), a bandanna, Peterson’s Edible Field Guide, Peterson’s Medicinal Field Guide, water, a spoon or fork, a lightweight cup that can hold hot liquids, and a lunch.

Details About Class Days:

This course is designed for anyone interested in exploring the depths of wild plants for food, medicine or utility purposes. We have designed this course to be academic, spiritual and experiential. Please note that not all three are for everyone and they will all require a great deal of work both in class and at home. Each class session will meet in a different ecosystem, exposing the student to the different parts of the natural world. The day will be divided into connecting, collecting, processing and end with a homework assignment. Please make sure you have space in our life for several hours a week of homework.

Most classes will take place outdoors, in various terrains and ecosystems across Baltimore City and County. Please come prepared to be walking a lot in the woods, through fields and sitting on bare ground. Participants should be in good physical condition. There may be days where we are harvesting plants in extreme water and mud. Please wear comfortable, weather appropriate, sturdy shoes, and dress in layers appropriate to the weather, season and your comfort. If poison ivy, ticks, mosquitoes, direct sunlight, etc. are a concern please bring whatever preparations you need for that. Participants will receive a detailed schedule of class locations upon registration.


Tuition & Schedule:

This course meets for (4) 6-hour classes on Saturdays

Classes are 10am- 4pm

Dates: May 6th & 20th June 3rd & 24th

Inclement Weather Dates: TBD

Cost: $40 deposit + $100 by May 6th + $100 by June 3rd =$240

There are 2 partial work trades available to the right individuals. (email to inquire)

**Enrollment is limited to 14 participants**

How to Apply:

The Forager’s Apprentice Application

Applications are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. If your application is accepted we will contact you to schedule an interview. Please email applications or questions to

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Instructor: Mangy White Bushman

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