2018 Workshops 

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Mushroom Growing 101: Beyond Low-Tech

Low tech mushroom cultivation is an awesome way to get started growing at home, but is limited in the species that you can grow. This class focuses on advanced  techniques for growing mushrooms, but is still easy DIY on a home scale. We will cover sterilization, how to procure and expand agar cultures and liquid cultures, making and working in a still air box, how to make grain spawn, substrates, inoculation methods, and fruiting chambers. You will leave class with a jar of grain spawn, and armed with the knowledge to make it grow.

June 23rd, 10 – 12 pm


The Forager’s Apprentice – Summer 2018

This course is setup for anyone interested in expanding their plant wisdom. Anyone such as a gardener, permaculture enthusiast, hunter, camper, prepper, herbal medicine practitioner, naturalist, craft person and anyone in between interested in taking inspiration from the many forms of nature we see, smell, taste, & touch, and perhaps begin to know the woods not as other, but as home.

July 8 & 22 August 5 & 19 September 2 & 16 from 10am- 2pm

Nature’s Colors – For Kids

This adventure is geared to children from 5-12 years old, adults also welcome. We will learn about woods and creek safety, as well as how to identify poison ivy. Once we hit the creek we will learn about pigments and ‘chalk stones’ and how to pick just the right one. We will also learn how to grind these stones to make natural pigment, and make nature-made paintbrushes to match. Once we have our ‘paint’, our final project will be making some prints. All learning styles will be celebrated and embraced.

July 24th, 10 – 12 pm

Advanced Beekeeping – Hive Split

Splitting a hive can be tricky business! Join us to observe and interact with Josh Calo from Sol Nectar as he splits our newly installed bees to install a second hive. Josh installed the first hive on April 7th so this is indeed a new hive we are splitting. Any experience level is welcome. Space is limited! 

July 28th, 11 – 1 pm

Art Of The Woods – For Kids

Come join us for an art filled walk in the woods geared to children from 5-12 years old. During our adventure we will learn about woods safety and how to identify poison ivy. From there we will learn about color hues and collect and create art works from our findings. We will also talk about leaf identification and create rubbings to highlight the differences and beauty of individual leaves. Our final project will involve making temporary nature installations either individually, or as a group. All learning styles will be celebrated and embraced.

July 31st, 10 – 12 pm

Tadpoles Summer Adventures

A 5-week immersion into local forests, streams, plants, insects, & wildlife, for the young nature observer and adventurer. In a group of their peers, participants will be able to direct their own learning and take inspiration from the many forms of nature we see, smell, taste, & touch, and perhaps begin to know the woods not as other, but as home. 

August 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th

Self Bow Course

The self bow takes an archer to the most intimate level of archery possible. Hand crafting a shootable bow takes time, patience, endurance, woodworking skills, humility and determination.  In this course you will learn the basic principles of bow design and construction for an American Flat Bow made from Hickory. At the end of this course participants will leave with their self bow crafted by their own hands. Participants should be competent with basic hand tools and prepared for moderate to hard physical work. 

August 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st from 6 – 9 pm

Introduction to Freshwater Fishing

This workshop is designed to demystify some of the practices of freshwater fishing. The student will first be shown some basic fishing equipment. Then the  instructor will lead participants to better understand where fish are along with the when and why’s of what a fish does during its day to day. This is a beginners course, but by the end of the day any participant should be able to drop into any freshwater and come out with a fish. At the end of the workshop you will be shown how to processes and pan fry small fish.

August 4th 10 – 12 pm

Summer Family Camp Trip

This camp trip is open to all families and/or individuals of all ages. There will be options for experiential learning for everyone who wishes to participate. We will be camping in a “primitive” setting, but you can drive your car right up to your camp spot. Our location will be in the fabulous Green Ridge State Forest! Green Ridge offers multiple streams, a pond and access to the Potomac River with an awesome variety of plant and animal life to observe.

August 13th – 15th

Permaculture Design Certification Course – Fall 2018

The Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course is a training program that utilizes the teachings of Bill Mollison’s Permaculture Design System. The goal is to achieve a basic working understanding in ecologically-based planning, site design and management. This course provides a comprehensive introduction to Permaculture principles, applications & design practices as first set out by Permaculture founder, Bill Mollison.

Key skills and proficiencies learned include: surveying, communications, IT and web skills, preparing maps and plans, practical gardening, composting, soil management, animal systems, natural building, implementation planning, design graphics, client brief, concept and detail drawings, report writing, botany, propagation, food forests and orchards, native plants, integrated pest and weed management, planning food security, small crop production – vegetables, herbs, spices, craft plants, harvest and post harvest, storing and preserving crops, wild foods and restoration ecology, soil food web, seed saving and managing a seed bank, biochar, animal systems, and more.

September 1, 2, 15, 16, 29, 30 October 13, 14, 27, 28 November 3, 4

Deer Processing

In this hands-on workshop learn how to skin and butcher a white tailed deer. Together we will work on one animal, and participants will learn how to cut out select meats, to cut out and remove sinuous strands and fat, to separate out non choice meats to be reserved for sausages, etc., and to identify and remove organ meats to keep for human consumption. The instructors will also give a visual demonstration of what can be done with entrails, and of how to preserve the hide for later tanning.

November 17th, 10 am- 5 pm


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If you’re interested in one of our past workshops, let us know, and we’ll do our best to offer it again!

Ale Making
Bread Making: Sandwich Rolls, Cinnamon Rolls, & Baguettes
Canning Demystified: Chicken Soup, Pickles and Salsa
Cooking & Poison: Milkweed, Pokeweed, Bamboo
Cordage From Plant Fiber
Dandelion & Chicory Coffee
Deer Processing
Foraging Immersion: Early Spring
Gourd Bottles & Bowls
Hard Cheese: Goat’s Milk Gouda & Goat Mascarpone
Knife Sharpening 101
Small Fur Tanning
Soft Cheese: Chevre, Yogurt, Sour Cream, & Cream Cheese
Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies: Soft Scrub, Laundry Soap, Window Cleaner & Dishwashing Detergent
Personal Care Products: Suntan Lotion, Deodorant, Toothpaste & Lotion Bars
Quail Raising and Processing
Salves, Syrups and Tinctures: Elderberry Syrup, Healing Muscle Salve, Plantain Salve & a Tummy Tincture
Venison Sausage Making
Walnut Ink & Dye